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Panasonic Corporation, formerly known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., is a Japanese multinational electronics corporation headquartered in Kadoma, Osaka, Japan. The company was founded in 1918, and has grown to become one of the largest Japanese electronics producers alongside Sony, Hitachi, Toshiba, Sharp Corporation, and Nikon and Canon Inc.. In addition to electronics, it offers non-electronic products and services such as home renovation services. Panasonic is the world's fourth-largest television manufacturer by 2012 market share. Panasonic Electronic Components' offers a broad full line of Semiconductor Products including Microcomputers, Image Pickup Devices, Application-Specific Standard Product IC's, Sensors, Transistors, Multi Chip Discrete Devices, Diodes, Opto Electronic Devices and Gallium Arsenide Devices. Panasonic Semiconductor Products allow customers to efficiently solve their design challenges in automotive, communications, computing, consumer, industrial, LED lighting, medical and power applications. Panasonic has a primary listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the Nikkei 225 and TOPIX indices. It has a secondary listing on the Nagoya Stock Exchange.



  • 32-bit Fast, High Performance Microcomputers MN103H Series
  • 32-bit High Performance Microcomputers MN103S Series
  • 32-bit Low Power Microcomputers MN103L Series
  • 8-bit Microcomputers MN101E Series
  • 8-bit Low Power Microcomputers MN101L Series
  • 8-bit Microcomputers MN101C Series

Interface & Communication ICs

  • Human Machine Interface Display LSIs
  • Audio Integrated LSIs
  • SD Host LSIs
  • NFC Tag LSIs
  • Power Line Communication LSIs
  • Multiband Wireless LSIs
  • HDMI Communication LSIs
  • Wide View Camera LSIs with Viewpoint Control

Analog ICs

  • LED Driver ICs
  • Display Driver ICs
  • Motor Driver ICs
  • Magnetic Field Sensor ICs (Hall ICs)
  • Wireless Charging System ICs
  • Integrated Power ICs for Automotive LAN


Discrete Devices

  • Diodes
  • Switching Diodes
  • Schottky Barrier Diodes
  • Rectifier Diodes
  • Zener Diodes
  • TVS Diodes


  • Bipolar Transistors
  • Transistors with Built-in Resistor
  • Junction FETs
  • Composite Transistors


  • MOSFETs for DC-DC Converter
  • MOSFETs for Lithium-ion Battery Protection
  • MOSFETs for Load Switch
  • Small Signal MOSFETs

Opto Electronic Devices

  • Light Emitting Diodes
  • White LEDs
  • Surface-mount LEDs
  • Lamp LEDs
  • Photo Detectors
  • Ambient Light and Proximity Sensors
  • Front Monitor
  • Remote Control Receiver
  • IrDA
  • Laser Diodes
  • Red and Infrared (IR) Laser Diodes
  • Radio Frequency Devices
  • Low Noise Amplifier (LNA)
  • Power Amplifier for Handset (PA)
  • Power Amplifier for WLAN (PA)
  • Distribution Amplifier

Power Devices

DC-DC Regulator ICs

  • DC-DC Regulator with built-in MOS
  • DC-DC Regulator as low electric power
  • DC-DC Regulator for Car-AV and Industry

IPD (Intelligent Power Devices)

GaN Power Devices

Image Sensors

  • Image Sensors for Mobile Use: SmartFSI®
  • Image Sensors for Security and Network Cameras
  • Image Sensors for Industry and Sensing Use
  • Image Sensors for Digital Still Cameras
  • Image Sensors for Broadcasting Use

System LSIs

  • High-performance LSI Streamlining the System of Smart Devices
  • System LSI for High Quality and Multi-channel Distribution
  • Panasonic Integrated Platform for Digital Appliances (UniPhier®)
  • System LSIs for Digital TV Front-end Demodulator
  • UniPhier® System LSIs for Smart TV
  • System LSIs for Blu-ray™ Player
  • System LSIs for Blu-ray™ Recorder
  • DTV Front End LSI for Automotive and Portable AV Equipment