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Since the company was founded in 1939, Nippon Precision Casting Corp. (NPC) has accumulated trials and experiences to become one of the world-leading special precision casting manufacturers.

NPC has been changing dramatically over the past several years.  NPC, which has the foundry expertise to manufacture large-sized precision castings greater than 1m x 1m and lightweight aluminum alloy castings with extremely high strength, has already earned the trust of domestic and overseas aerospace manufacturers such as Boeing (U.S.A.), Bombardier (Canada), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Japan) and Kawasaki Heavy Industries (Japan).

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Clock Generators
  • Amplifiers
  • Electronic Volume Control
  • Digital Filters,  D/A converters and combination DF with D/A
  • SACD & DSD  processors
  • Sample Rate converters and Lip sync Delay
  • Shock-proof ESP controllers
  • Surround  and Qsurround processors
  • Tone generation / Melody IC's
  • Filter /buffers for Digital TV and HDTV
  • Video delay line
  • Video shift register
  • Spread Spectrum
  • Clock Generators using 3 PLL Core
  • Clock Generators using 2 PLL Core
  • Clock Generators using single PLL Core
  • Real Time Clocks
  • Timepiece  / Radio Controlled receiver
  • Timepiece  and Watch
  • Display backlighting Drivers
  • Color LCD backlighting; White LED
  • Monochromatic LCD backlighting:  EL Lamp
  • Communications
  • Sensor, Power, Protection
  • Oscillators
  • Caller ID
  • DTMF generators
  • POCSAG decoders
  • PLL Frequency synthesizer
  • Temperature Sensors & Switches
  • Power Conversion
  • Protection Devices, ESD
  • Oscillator IC's
  • VCXO IC's