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In this new, data-centric world everyone wants to affordably maximize the value from data. Whether it’s big data and analytics, flash cache, running applications over the cloud, moving it seamlessly through a mobile base station, or simply storing and sharing videos across the Internet, that massive amount of data competes for storage space and network priority. LSI provides intelligence that lets customers understand, briefly cache, or long-term store and protect their or their customers’ data. With massive and growing data storage needs, hard disk drives (HDDs) will continue to be central to data storage. Whether it is for traditional drives, hybrid drives or solid state drives (SSDs), LSI has critical, enabling storage technology.

Several years ago LSI embarked on a plan to position itself as a leader in storage solutions using solid state memory, also known as flash memory. Our SandForce® flash controllers complement our existing portfolio of flash storage technologies, and this has given us a leadership position as the adoption of flash-based storage solutions in enterprise and personal computing grows.

Server Storage

  • Syncro Shared DAS Storage
  • RAID Controllers
  • Host Bus Adapters
  • RAID-on-Chip ICs (ROCs)
  • Storage I/O Controller (IOCs)
  • SAS Expanders
  • SAS Switch

Flash Storage

  • SandForce Flash Controllers
  • Nytro Flash Accelerator Cards
  • Hard Disk Drives

Hard Disk Drive SoCs


Mobile Networks

Axxia Mobile Communication Processors

Custom Silicon (ASIC)

Multiservice Processors

Media Processors

Enterprise and Datacenter Networks