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SCHURTER Holding AG with its headquarters in Lucerne is an international Swiss producer of electric and electronic components, and provider of electronic manufacturing services. The group company is represented in around 60 countries employs 1 453 employees and gained a turnover of 174 million Franks in 2012. SCHURTER was established in 1933 by Heinrich Schurter. Since 1990, all industrial activities have been united under the SCHURTER Holding AG umbrella with headquarters in Lucerne (Switzerland). Today, SCHURTER employs over 1600 staff worldwide, managed by the family’s third generation. Hans-Rudolf Schurter heads the SCHURTER Group and is Chairman of the Board of SCHURTER Holding AG. His brother, Bruno H. Schurter, is Vice President and Managing Director of SCHURTER, Inc. in the USA. 

The SCHURTER product range contains around 25 000 standard solutions in the fields of Fuses, Connectors, EMC Products, Power Entry Modules, Circuit Breakers for Equipment, Switches, Keypads and Input Systems.

  • Circuit Protection 
  • Fuses & Fuseholders
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Voltage Selector


  • Power Entry Modules without Filter
  • Connectors (Inlets/Outlets)
  • Cord Connectors (rewireable)
  • Distribution Units
  • Cord Sets
  • Data and Signal Plug/Socket
  • Audio Plug/Sockets
  • DC Plug/Socket
  • DIN Plug/Socket
  • Test Jacks & Probes
  • Accessories
  • Mating Connectors
  • Wire Harness Offer
  • General Product Information 


  • Metal Line Switches
  • Printmount Switches
  • Frontpanel Switches
  • Public Transport Switch
  • Indicators
  • Metal Line Keypads

EMC Products

  • Power Entry Modules with Filter
  • Single Phase Block Filters
  • 3-Phase Block Filters
  • Suppression Chokes
  • Pulse Transformers
  • General Product Information

Other Products

  • Utility Boxes & Accessories
  • ECONO Products
  • Transipillars
  • Spacers