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Spansion is a global leader in Flash memory-based embedded systems solutions. Spansion’s Flash memory, microcontrollers, mixed-signal and analog products drive the development of faster, more intelligent and energy efficient electronics. Spansion is at the heart of electronics systems, connecting, controlling, storing and powering everything from automotive electronics and industrial systems to the highly interactive and immersive consumer devices that are enriching people's daily lives.

The global digital industry is rapidly transitioning from traditional computing architectures toward a world where people, objects and machines are in a perpetual mode of communication and interactivity. Data and applications are accelerating at breakneck speed, requiring electronics to work more quickly and be more intuitively responsive. Advances in memory and processor technology will fuel this ongoing evolution of the digital infrastructure that is now fundamental to how people work, live and play.

Spansion is at the forefront of this fast-paced interconnected world, delivering a broad portfolio of Flash memory, microcontrollers, analog products, and mixed-signal, as well as integrated system-on-chip solutions. Our leading-edge intellectual property and products are driving the development of high quality, reliable and economical devices that are faster, intelligent, efficient and secure.

  • Analog
  • Power Management ICs »
  • Energy Harvesting PMICs »
  • 6MHz Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter »
  • Charge Control »
  • DC/DC Converter with Switching FET »
  • DC/DC Converter with Switching FET + LDO »
  • DC/DC Converter for System Power Supply »
  • DC/DC Converter for LCD Panels »
  • General-purpose DC/DC Converter »
  • Power Voltage Monitoring Applications »
  • LED Lighting Driver ICs »
  • PLL ICs »
  • SSCG ICs »
  • Memory
  • NAND Flash Memory »
  • Parallel NOR Flash Memory »
  • Serial NOR Flash Memory »
  • Die and Wafer Flash Memory »
  • MCP Flash Memory »
  • Coprocessors »
  • Microcontrollers
  • 32-bit ARM Core Microcontrollers »
  • 32-bit Original Core Microcontrollers »
  • 16-bit Original Core Microcontrollers »
  • 8-bit Original Core Microcontrollers »