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Produkty Aktivní součástky MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC

Mitsubishi Electric offers a variety of semiconductor and electronic devices that are contributing to the advancement of information-processing and telecommunications. The company develops and manufactures power devices that provide higher operation stability and efficiency, next-generation optical devices that support today's rapidly evolving optical telecommunications networks, high-frequency devices that are utilized in everything from mobile telephones to telecommunications satellites and leading-edge TFT-LCD modules for industrial use.

  • Power Modules
  • Power Modules
  • Power modules contribute to increased efficiency and energy savings by condensing the power chip, required for motor control and power conversion, and the control circuits into one package and by applying inverter technology to all sorts of industrial equipment.
  • Thyristor Modules
  • Diode Modules
  • IGBT Modules
  • HVIGBT Modules
  • IPMs(Intelligent Power Modules)
  • HVIPMs
  • PFC Modules
  • Power MOSFET Modules
  • High Power Devices
  • High Power Devices
  • High power devices contribute to increased efficiency and energy savings by supporting the high voltage, high current and usage environment of rollers in steel works, electric power systems and the subway.
  • Rectifier Diodes
  • Thyristors
  • Stacks
  • IC, Sensors
  • IC/Sensors
  • High voltage ICs that directly drive IGBTs or power MOSFETs, transistor arrays that condense multiple transistors on one chip, acceleration sensors and pressure sensors contribute to the miniaturization and energy savings of devices.
  • Transistor Arrays
  • HVICs
  • Sensors
  • High Frequency Devices
  • High Frequency Devices
  • The high frequency devices contribute to the reliability, miniaturization and energy savings of equipments with high performance of signal transmission and reception for various application such as mobile devices, wireless broadbands, satellite broadcasts and radios.
  • GaN High Frequency Devices
  • GaAs High Frequency Devices
  • Silicon RF Devices
  • Optical Devices
  • Optical Devices
  • Optical devices contribute to energy savings and to the high-speed transmission of the increasing volumes of data that is now being communicated by fiber-optic lines ,access systems, metropolitan systems and backbone systems, as well as to the expansion of FTTH.
  • Laser Diodes for Industry & Display
  • Optical Fiber Communication Devices
  • TFT-LCD Modules
  • TFT-LCD Modules
  • Mitsubishi Electric's leading-edge Color TFT-LCD modules provide optimal visibility and low power consumption for a broad range of indoor / outdoor operating applications and industries.
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