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Smart Distribution

Our Company Company Smart Distribution

The Smart Distribution of electronic components as part of today's complex internet of things and services is on the market to simplify the work of purchasing managers. The core of the Smart Distribution model is the flexibility of a hybrid distributor and an individualized personal approach to customers. The Smart Team uses its skills-set and modern technologies while monitoring the development of the global foreign exchange market and purchasing power parity. Smart Distributor is part of the smart factory of the future.


  • Specific approach - each customer is for us a VIP
  • Specific product - semiconductor devices - integrated circuits


  • Mission - building higher competitiveness on the European market based on mutual trust


  • Attainable price - competitive price for high quality
  • Attainable product - flexible distribution allows us to overcome obstacles and to cut standard delivery time


  • Result - the result of our work is a satisfied and successful customer


  • Time - delivery just in time


We are the part of your smart factory.