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Our Company

Our Company
KLIMES®, an independent family business, was founded in 1993 as a distributor of sophisticated semiconductors and connectors. More than 30 years of hard work using the simple motto "one step a day" has helped us build special relationships.

We strive to build something remarkable - we believe in the sustainable and long-term values, that´s why we continue with full commitment also in the second generation and we support small and medium-sized companies with their "hidden heroes", who are the backbone of any economy. The hidden heroes, innovators, purchasers and other hard workers, who make their work by heart.


The basic mission of our company is to build higher competitiveness of the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on the market, because they create sustainable economic playground for generations. Therefore we provide bespoke solutions. By us solution follows request™, so our customers are able to fully concentrate on activities in the field of production and development of high-technology products and printed circuit boards assembly. Our role is to provide quality electronic components and logistics. 

Resulting from years of persistent work is a reliable international supplier network that allows us to flexibly respond to diverse needs and offer a full range of electronic parts with an emphasis on semiconductors

We are a proud partner of European customers in Austria, Czech, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden among other countries, thanks to the Smart Distribution model we utilize. We supply to SMEs and our flexibility allows us to avert the shortages many multinational companies face. We also support both technical universities and young innovative companies - start-ups.

As a conservative family business, we highly appreciate long-term relationships based on mutual trust. We strive to be your relevant, responsive and personal partner for the digitized industrial revolution.  

7 reasons why to use our services

  • 1) Quality first
  • 2) On the market since 1993
  • 3) Semiconductors - Integrated circuits
  • 4) Cutting lead times by allocated parts
  • 5) Hard-to-find parts
  • 6) Cooperation with franchised distribution
  • 7) Family approach 


Flexibility is the byword of our company. Solution follows request™.

  • A fully flexible pricing policy along with a deep knowledge of international supplier networks facilitates choosing the lowest price on the global market with the highest quality of high-tech components from USA, Germany and Japan. 
  • We daily monitor developments in the electronic components market while following the foreign exchange market in the context of purchasing power parity.
  • We shorten standard delivery times. Allocated and other hard-to-find electronic components can be delivered immediately. 
  • Our knowledge helps us successfully deal with unprecedented cases. Each team member is a creative professional.
  • Our international partnership warehouse enables us to deliver goods to the customer's plant within a few days.
  • We minimize the term MOQ. 
  • We offer suitable alternatives & complementary products and support design-in.


Technical knowledge, love for advanced electronics and the desire for independence was the reason we established our family business. However, our company itself from the beginning was driven by a simple philosophy: to provide the highest quality products and services with an emphasis on individual customer needs. Our family name as the trade name of the company provides both an incentive and ensures our commitment to living out this philosophy. Quality is always our top priority.

We are fully aware of the serious problems relating to the counterfeiting and falsification of original electronic components. The basis of our quality policy is the careful selection of reliable business partners to protect our customers. As a long-term oriented family business we bet on long-term approved suppliers together with built strong personal relationships. We have managed to successfully prevent complications thanks to close cooperation with official distributors. We work around the world directly with selected manufacturers, franchised distributors, OEM´s, CEM´s and with long-term proven qualified independent distributors. We constantly analyse qualified suppliers in our ERP digital rating system. Day after day. Long-term.

Alongside professional business practices and procedures, we emphasize the development of the individual. We select highly motivated workers who distinguish themselves from the average candidate and bring something unique. We continue to support the individual contribution of each team-mate and we engage in the development of his or her strengths. We are pleased to work in a team of people with a vision. Our most senior technician has been active in the industry for over 30 years.

We love the high technology and appreciate that we can be part of the major innovations in the electronics industry. We make our work by heart, that´s the difference.

"We are made of hard work, not glorious moments"



Basic long-term phase

  • Quality begins with the selection of our co-workers
  • We continuously build superior long-term relationships with official and verified distribution partners 

Phase of goods control - multi-step inspection process

  • Data sheets verifying
  • Visual inspection - Senior technician in the field since 1986
  • We use a microscope for a precise surface analysis of components

Our logo is protected by European trademark. 

Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market
Trademark #012624615 

The basic idea of our logo is to graphically represent the 3 categories of our product portfolio and the 3 fundamental pillars of our philosophy:

  • Active – Passive – Electromechanical Components
  • Quality – Flexibility – Competitive Price


  • The upward triangle symbolizes stable foundation and proactivity
  • Know-how and added value: Electronic Components –   Customer
  • The simple font embodies the goal of our work: We try to simplify the lives of our customers in the labyrinth of information available


   For customer/ buyer: KLIMES_VOP_od 1.1.2014_KLIMES_General Terms and Conditions since January 2014.pdf

   For supplier/ seller: KLIMES_VNP_od 1.10.2017_KLIMES_Purchasing Terms and Conditions since October 2017.pdf